a short film by David & Saša Vajda

Hunny Bunny is a young, lonely woman somewhere in the German periphery of the 90s. She is part of a peculiar rental system. Based on her self-presentation in a home video, you can rent her for dates and break-up situations. She entertains lonesome people by simulating human emotions. One man with a moustache puts forward a special request - he wants a domestic dispute to end in a double homicide. The artificial tragedy that ensues hints at an estranged reality beyond simulation. A dystopian film about loneliness in company.

KFFK Cologne Short Film Festival 2017
Mecal Pro Barcelona  International Short Film Festival  2018
Dresden Film Fest 2018
achtung berlin new berlin film award 2018

Experimental Drama / 16 min. /  2017
DCP / 2K /  1 : 1,29 / Stereo

Gina-Lisa Maiwald, Felix Römer,
Axel Sichrovsky, Andrej Lakisov

Jan Schünke & Jan Klein

produced by
David Vajda, Saša Vajda,
Tara Afsah, Virginia Wuttke

sound recordists
Christian Tech, Lorenz Brehm,
Stephan Bruns

Dominic Kellermeier
David Geiser

camera assistants
Gregor Cunningham
Manuel Zimmer 
Mark Romaine

2nd camera assistant
Dominik Böhm

costumes & set design
Katja Deutschmann & Saša Vajda

assistant director
Johanna Ziemer

production assistants
Wieland Lemke,  Mascha Buzhor,
Johannes Stolz, Lydia Morgenstern,
Marie Ribbentrop

Victor De Pachas

Michi Schietzel,
Daniela Freudenhammer

edited by
David & Saša Vajda

sound design
Max Lange

colour grading
Micha Samolenko

written & directed by

David & Saša Vajda