David Vajda (34) is a writer and director based in Vienna and Berlin. He holds a BA in Philosophy from University College London (2012) and an MPhil in International Relations & Politics from Cambridge (2014), funded by a scholarship from the German Academic Foundation. He writes in English and German and has published journalism and short stories in the Guardian, Edit, Dummy and the FT Weekend Magazine - including a first longform piece in Reportagen in 2020, which he was invited to present at the Bern Literature Festival. In 2021, he travelled to Guatemala to research a contemporary witch burning for the magazine Reportagen

He finished his first, nationally funded  midlength film JESUS EGON CHRISTUS with his brother Saša Vajda in 2021 - it premiered at the 71st Berlinale, followed by the IFFR Rotterdam and many other festivals. David is currently writing his debut feature supported by script funding from the Austrian Ministry for Culture. He is also working on his first novel to be published by Hanser Berlin in 2025.

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