David Vajda (32) is a writer and director based in Vienna and Berlin. He holds a BA in Philosophy from University College London (2012) and an MPhil in International Relations & Politics from Cambridge (2014), funded by a scholarship from the German Academic Foundation. He writes in English and German and has published journalism and short stories in the Guardian, EditDummy and the FT Weekend Magazine - including a first longform piece in Reportagen in 2020, which he was invited to present at the Bern Literature Festival in August. In 2021 he travelled to Guatemala to research a contemporary witch burning for the magazine Reportagen

In 2021, he finished his first, nationally funded  51-minute film JESUS EGON CHRISTUS with his brother Saša Vajda - it premiered at the 71st Berlinale in 2021, followed by the IFFR Rotterdam and many other festivals. David is currently writing his debut feature supported by a film scholarship of the Austrian ministry for culture. He is also working on his first short story collection that will be published by Hanser Berlin in 2024.

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